BMW Alpine B7 – Tuned BMW Limo

While in BMW reflect over, whether it is necessary to exhaust the tuned model of 7th series over which masters from M-compartment could work, company Alpina has presented the sports version of “seven” on a motor show in Geneva.

BMW 7th series it was finished by a principle “the best – the enemy good” for this reason appearance of model has not undergone serious changes. On the car have installed the new front bottom spoiler which has improved clamping force, and also a rear spoiler. Unique light-alloy disks dimension of 21 inch became main attribute Alpina B7, of course.

The car with 4.4 l engine V8 with two turbines pushes power up to of 507 h.p. the Massive sedan possesses quite good dynamics. So, with 0 to 100 km/hour the car is dispersed less, than for 5 sec, the maximum speed makes almost 280 km/hour.