Brabus Mercedes-Benz S 63 850 Biturbo Coupe

Some cars are under construction to become the most beautiful. Some – to become the fastest. This Mercedes-Benz S 63 850 Biturbo Coupe was constructed in Brabus studio to be the most uncompromising. Huge power, a mad torque and improbable speed – here satellites of this car. Its opportunities are limited only to laws of physics, and absolutely slightly – common sense.

Already impressive Mercedes S 63 4MATIC, however was taken as a basis of the project after with it experts of Brabus worked, its indicators flew up literally to heavens. The new crankshaft and the increased diameter of cylinders in combination with new pistons provided growth of working volume with 5,5 to 5,9 liters, two new turbochargers guarantee still the best filling of cylinders, and the new final system from stainless steel allows to cope with such amount of the fulfilled gases. Having copied the software under the changed realities, tuners received 850 horsepowers and 1 450 Nanometers of a torque at the exit! Certainly, the maximum speed which is usually limited by producers on a mark of 250 km/h for such car – only an average mark. And therefore here were limited only to above-mentioned common sense: the maximum high-speed cut-off is on border of opportunities of tires – and these are 350 km/h! “Regretted” also transmission: torque, worthy the truck, “bridled” to 1 150 Nanometers that, however, all the same causes a hiccups even in diesel pickups. The turned-out car, according to statements of founders, is “the most powerful and fastest four-seater all-wheel drive compartment in the world”. And in it is willingly trusted: in 9,4 seconds it disperses to 200 km/h, and the first hundred exchanges 3,5 seconds later! Changes in an exterior are dictated only by reasons of aerodynamics which has to correspond to the grown maximum speed. The place was taken the forward and back carbonic diffuser, added with a small spoiler on a trunk lid here. The shape of the car is finished by 21-inch light-alloy wheels executed in color “dark gold” and put in the best tires from Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA. However, in Brabus do not limit clients, and at will can equip with Mercedes and 22-inch wheels. The interior is issued appearance of the car well matched: the prevailing black color is shaded by elements in “dark gold” here. The attention to trifles is emphasized with a contrast copper pro-line. One of the main pleasant features of the car is that is not a single copy, but quite serial version available to the order to everyone. In Brabus emphasize that it is possible to order both the ready car, and its production on the basis of any of the existing Mercedes S 63 Coupe.