Wiesmann MF3 Roadster Final Edition

Company Wiesmann Roadster existed the long and rather successful life, however all good sometime yes comes to an end. So, later 18 years as the automobile public saw for the first time Roadster MF3, the German motor-car manufacturer prepares for the to “a swan song”. The cooperation fruit between a motor-car manufacturer and luxury company Sieger should become a latest model. To note the 18-year-old existence, the company exhausts 18 unique cars MF3, each of which causes a stir the color scheme. One of such cars just also located in one of pavilions of the Geneva auto show. You can watch the videos of this hot roadster.

Model MF Roadster Final Edition is equipped with the six-cylinder engine in volume of 3.2-litre and capacity of 338 horse powers. The pair to the engine is made by a considerable quantity of options of transmissions, engaging five- or the six-step mechanical. To “hundred” car can be dispersed for 4.9 seconds. The maximum speed – 255 km/h.